Dulcolax® - Constipation Tablets

Dulcolax® Tablets

Dependable overnight relief of constipation 6-12 hours

  • Dulcolax® Tablets provide effective, dependable overnight relief of constipation. Dulcolax® Tablets are formulated to provide a two-way action that, when taken at night, provide relief the following morning.
  • The two-way action provided by Dulcolax® Tablets accumulates water in the intestine thereby softening the stool. This softening, combined with a stimulation of the bowel muscles, creates the required conditions for morning relief.

Pack Size:
50, 80 and 200 Tablets


Active Ingredient:
5mg Bisacodyl


Adults and children over 10 years - One or two tablets at night.
Children 6-10 years - One tablet at night.
Children under 6 years - Not recommended.

  • Special Coating

    Dulcolax® tablets are resistant to gastric acids and intestinal fluid. The Special Coating only releases the active ingredient in the bowel, where it is needed the most.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persists, see your Healthcare Professional.
Please refer to the patient information leaflet in the pack for further details.


Consult your pharmacists or GP for advice on diet and lifestyle changes to reduce the incidence of constipation and to discuss whether Dulcolax® is suitable for your condition.

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